Life-changing travels

Some people have been traveling their whole life. Their parents took them to exotic places, far away cities and exciting vacations. When I think back my family was all into down-to-earth trips. We didn’t go to fancy places but rather went for a camper van trip to Denmark or skiing in Austria or the Czech Republic. The first flight we had took us to the Algarve region in Portugal and it was one of those where the passengers would applaud the pilot for taking us there safely. I never felt like I missed out on something or that those journeys weren’t enough. But there have been two trips in my life, that really made a difference and changed me ¬– those trips taught me who I am, what’s important to me in life and showed me new perspective and opportunities. And the reason, why I’m writing this now is, because I only got back from one of said trips.

Ever since I was a child, I remember sitting on the windowpane in my, especially on warm summer evenings when the sun began to set and looked at the colorful horizon. I didn’t know how to describe what I felt in that moments until I got older, traveled more and saw more of our beautiful world, that I learned the longing I felt was my inner wanderlust. The world has so much to offer and I wanted to explore it. That feeling became stronger over the years and especially after the first big journey to the other side of the globe to New Zealand. A beautiful country that made the long flights totally worth it. After that trip I knew that I want to do this more often and go places I’ve never been to before.

The second big trip of my life is one that could be best described in one word: fateful. I consider myself a spiritual person and believe in signs, try to listen and trust my gut feeling as much as I can and think, that everything that happens to us has a meaning. It’s a lesson to be learned, a challenge to overcome, make us stronger and appreciate the good things we have even more or a blessing to reward us for the way we’ve come.
My special journey was my first long-distance travel as a solo traveler and the second time in the US. It took me somewhere I instantly felt at home. After an exciting flight over the pond and the best sleep I had for months I found myseld sitting on the beach the morning after my arrival. I had a coffee in hand, felt the sand under my toes and looked at the beautiful Pacific Ocean with it’s powerful waves crashing on the shore and carrying surfers with them. „This is awesome, I could live here!“ Those thoughts would never disappear during the whole trip and came to me mind on several occasions.
I will share the stories of this journey in my upcoming posts. I will take you with me to sunny California, through the streets of San Francisco, scenic hikes in Marin County and around Big Sur and ride with me down Highway 1.

I still haven’t answered why that travel of all is so special to me…well it’s not just the places I’ve been to but also the people I met and the conversations I found myself in. For the first time, I didn’t enjoy to come home. The few weeks in Germany felt harder than before. I feel like I’ve outgrown my old life and as mentioned before, I am a firm believer in signs. I feel that my life is about to change very soon. I don’t know what is in store for me or where it’s going to take me but I’m on my way to a new beginning.

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